About me

Where does one begin to tell others about oneself. I always find this hard to answer because when you take away that- I am a mother of a 3 year (who is parenting alone), that I am currently unemployed and all the other things about me what makes me when I am alone, in my silent hours.
I think maybe my passions:
I love nature- My spirit is lifted by the site of the beach. I love driving along the mountain and watching the outline of the land as it meets the ocean. I love how the houses along the vlei stretch and blend with the water. I love the sound of the ocean at night when all is silent. I love the outdoors. One would not say by looking at me since I'm overweight but being outdoors has been neglected while I sought to build a life.
I love reading and absorbing new knowledge. I love sharing what I leard as well which is why I started the support group for young girls
I love people and helping. I guess that means I love making people happy and pleasing. I can't bear to see someone suffering but with limited resources what can one do? I have long figured I want to be in Public service because I think the government can most help the poor. I worked in government for a while but I now have accepted I most belong in departments like Social development or municipalities where I will directly work with communitiesor programmes that can allievate poverty. I believe our South African government can be run better and it can do more for our people.
My biggest preoccupation is how to make money doing something I enjoy that will leave me with time to play with my daughter, be outdoors.