Friday, 18 May 2007

Planning ahead

Ok I thought i would be walking a race tomorrow but I wont. Enough of the bad news, Yesterday I realised I have been eating so bad because i have been poor at planning my meals. When i dont plan i end up buying unhealthy things and eating too much of the good things. So yesterday i bought my bran flakes and 2% milk for breakfast at the office, fruit and seed bread, margarine and like it lean chicken polony for lunch and youghurt for office snack. I really want to do thid but sometimes i just subbotage my own efforts like i am scared of actually doing it. This morning I had to work hard, talk to myself so i dont step on the scale. I know I am 115 but i just need to confirm it and the worst is what if it goes up and i'm.....dont even want to think about it.

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