Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Yesterday i did not exercise, I didnt sleep at home. Today the lounge was taken over, cause my uncle just decided to show up, so i had to go on the road. well the road in this case is the complex. I did the hill towards the gate twice and i did 20 laps around the pool. Speaking of pools i signed up for swimming lessons. I went this last saturday and we practised breathing, moving the legs or toes, and leaning forward. i cant wait for next week when i can do serious stuff. Learning to swim means getting a cap and goggles, and the dreaded swimming costume. I havent bought the latter, i am swimming in tights and a t-shirt. How does one fit swimming costumes at a sport shop anyway, do they even have swimming costumes in size 20? Horror, but i promised myself i will learn how to swim. The next project after that will be to learn how to ride a bicycle.
I was thinking today if i continue like this i should be able to run 5kms early june.

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