Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Nothing like cold weather to clear out the gym

Ok so maybe everyone is having their periods(ladies) or everyone caught a bug or everyone had their father over for their brother's graduation, or maybe everyone had their car being fixed for the past six days. Those are my reasons for being away from the gym for two weeks, so whats everyone else's reason, Cold weather I guess. Man Joburg is freezing, if you land at 12 noon you will think me a liar but its true, mornings and evenings are badddd. I mean bad, so why did I decide to shave my hair just at the onset of winter. You know I honestly can explain it, I have this terrible dandruff right, it started with changing relaxers(optimum was treating me well), so this new relaxer will burn my scalp and leave sores sort of and as they heal, they just became dandruffty. That's reason one and two rolled up into one, dandruff and relaxers burning the scalp. Thirdly I have been toying with dreading my hair since I was fifteen, do you realise that is 13 years. So lately I have been seriously thinking that, why keep hurting myself when I can do the most natural thing for african hair. Infact I am still not convinced that there's an african out there who does not think dreading is thee ideal. Also I have seen how well dreads can turn out, ofcourse there's that 1st year of looking raggedy, like a boy, infact a street kid maybe, but that passes and it can be managed properly. Fourth reason I spent the whole weekend thinking about my hair, now surely I can find better things to do with my time than be miserable about what torture will I inflict on myself again. So I went to the salon and asked to see short hair styles, they all involved chemicals and cost an arm and a leg so I shaved my hair off. It's cut real short but its not complete baldness. After reading what looks like crazy on an ordinary day by Pearl cleage, it sort seemed possible to wear my hair short and be okay with it. As I have let go of the hair, i will hopefully let go of anger, fear, suspicion and laziness. I will let go of the bulge and yo-yo dieting.

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