Saturday, 21 June 2008

Just when I thought

Just when I thought gym was boring today. A lady who works at the gym, especially the child-care section comes up to my internet station(my gym has free 30 minute interent access-i'm sure I have blogged about this) and asks me for some money, things are bad the works. Truly I do not have ANY, so I tell her and we start chatting about how expensive things are. It must have taken a lot for her to come ask me shame. I wish i could have helped even if it was R20. Anyway I came with my daughter and she is playing with other kids. I did the bike, a km on the trteadmill which took me 11 minutes, I have to improve this for the walk the talk walk next month. A friend was so kind to invite me and have her company pay on top of it. So i am doing 8 km, the last time I did 10 and I felt it good, my knee that is, so i just wanna take it slow.
I did 30 minutes of swimming practise, i have forgotten some of the things I was thought just last month, jeez i really have to take Toni up on the lessons, i hope she's cheap.
P.s. I dropped a kilo.......better go get my daughter

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