Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Glycemic index eating proves credible

I have been a strong believer in low glycemic index eating since 2005. When I went to a dietician and she actually prescribed a diet that follows low glycemic index eating. I lost weight on that and I don't remember being hungry.
Basically there are foods that are absorbed quicker into the body and cause your insulin levels to rise, these are the foods to avoid. How we should be eating especially to lose weight is eating low glycemic index foods. I read an article where they interviewed Patrick Holford and he went into details about about following a low glycemic diet and using food to heal the body's ailments, which is similar what the science of being well is preaching only that you heal yourself period with your thoughts.
Then I read an interesting blog post by Bruce Cohen where he talks about a book that smashes all beliefs about obesity. Where the author(Gary Taubes) of Good calories, bad calories highlights and blames "refined carbohydrates, starches, and sugars" for most morden ailments including obesity. Which ofcourse all ties in well with the South beach diet as the the first stage eliminates almost all these and maintanance uses good carbs and limited sugar.
I'm sold on limiting cabs but not on forgeting exercise as apparently all it does is make you hungry. Nope I think exercise is good especially if you don't lead an active lifestyle. If I climbed four floors of stairs to the office and walked the dog in the afternoon and chased my daughter in the park then I would not worry about devoting time to exercise but I need it and it works I have seen it. Problem so far I have been halfhearted, losing, gaining and losing and lately breaking leg and sitting for 6 weeks. Such that today my gym calls telling me I have not been to the gym this month I need to check with my medical aid and notify them why I can't go to gym or else I loose my benefits of lifetime membership at R650. See I have to go 24 times in a year. I explain to this girl that the medical aid expalined it as take number of times that I went to gym devided by 12 months, that must be greater than two. Nope the lady says, I agree to call the medical aid then she goes on to ask me if I know a family by the same name as mine....Why do people do that. Anyway she was wrong.......But I will be back at gym it is just this leg problem. I can't wait to be back at gym if only to swim. I miss swimming and thats it.......if I had a warm pool where I stay I would probably not go to gym. I would walk/jog and go to the pool.

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Ruth said...

Sounds like you're on the right track. Low carb, glycemic index, and of course, exercise, are all important factors in maintaining a healthy body composition (weight, per se, matters less) and overall good health.

Best of luck to you!