Friday, 15 January 2010

We are creatures of habit

I have lately developed a routine for myself that I really like and felt it added to my well-being. With the stresses of work I broke it for two days and I felt literally bad. I was snoozing off in meetings and my mood was generally low. I have written at length about 1. lemon juice with hot water in the morning, I also 2. Take 4 500ml bottles of water daily and 3. I go to gym in the morning.
The two days I broke these habits were just so uncomfortable, not only did I feel I was out of control. Eating biscuits and watching series’es into the night is just not working for me emotionally or physically. It fills no desire in me. Fine now I know the new Marie biscuit flavors- cappuccino and caramel and I am on Season 3 of Lost(it just get more interesting) BUT is it worth it if I am too tired in the morning to wake up for Gym. Not only have I been sleeping late I have been waking up to make my daughter pee.
Another habit I broke was the staying on top of my projects. I feel like they are closing in on me now, all these companies wanting to come to South Africa. It could something to do with the world cup but they insist its cause they want new markets for their products.
Sticking to habits that work for one is also good cause it gives one that feeling of control and knowing what is next. I was watching my daughter yesterday, she was restless cause I was not coming to bed, she asks if she will sleep in her day clothes, I say no, bring your pyjamas. She brings them, her gown she wanted and her woolen hat that protects her hair. She was so happy bringing me these and putting them on that I realized she missed this part of our routine. We didn’t do it the night before cause I was busy watching Lost. Such that I have decided the going to bed routine must never be broken, tonight I will tuck her in and then go out. The nanny can fetch her to sleep with her cause I am going out to a friend’s for the night.
There’s always room for spontaneity but there’s virtue in routine. I enjoyed this article that teaches one basic techniques to make habits stick.
One habit I want to concentrate on this month is limiting the calls I make to my boyfriend(call when I get into the office(7h50), call lunchtime(12h30) and call before going home(16h15)).

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