Wednesday, 27 September 2006

I had big plans about how i will not eat junk and i will exercise,none of that has happened. I am finding it hard to work up the motivation to get physical. I am phsyching myself up to start after the baby is born. Top of my concerns list is CFA studying. I am still on the economics module and i havent even finished stats, i should be done with Financial statement analysis by now. So a balooning body takes the back seat for now.
On the realtionship side, my boyfriend and i are getting long so well these days, we had a major talk on friday 22nd. We are planning a future, like moving in together. i've been at his place for 3 days now, partly because he's using my car and partly because my brother's not around for me to take to school. Speaking of my brother, i think maybe next year he should move into Res but my mother is not so keen so we just have to wait and see. I mean how do you study with a wailing child in the background. Philip reckons we get a big flat and stay there for a year or two then buy a house with a yard. I am for the idea. All i want now is freedom from Petrol cost, from parking costs, i think i can breathe and sleep better now that all of that will be on him. Which reminds me my credit card is a curse which i need to cut up into two and throw away. I mean all of a sudden i cannot go without having money, i cant be broke anymore because i have this false security throught this stupid credit card, no i am cutting it up.
recap, priority is studying, I have to pass my CFA exams period.....

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