Thursday, 5 October 2006

What occured to me today, i've read it or heard it somewhere before ofcourse, is that a relationship is a meeting of two people, who have the same intention, who have chosen to be there(in the relationship). now noone of these people should be held down to a state they are no longer happy with, they should be able to decide that enough is enough. they have that choice and when they exercise that choice it shouldnt pain the other party because they also wanted to be with someone who wants to be with them.
That makes sense to me., now if Hlayisi decides that he cannot be with someone who handles money like I do, he should be allowed to go, and i should accept that this person chooses to not be with me because of a,b,c.
So i have made it through today without communicating and will continue on like this with my life. Yesterday I get a call that i have a voucher waiting for me at planet fitness, to exercise with them for a month, maybe it's a good thing, i will go today and check it out. maybe it will be a nice activity to do, after work and on weekends. will definately help with the back problems i am experiencing.
My point being:
  • changing routine is good in the initial stages of a break up

Go to the gym and just do something I enjoy, maybe i should sign up for swimming lessons finally.

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