Thursday, 28 June 2007


Got up this morning at 420am by accident, i needed to go to the loo. The alarm didnt go off, so i did the aerobic part of tae-bo, had half a litre of water, and i was thinking, honestly this is my life and will be how i live my life if i want to continue weight loss and mantain once i have lost the weight. Then i got to thinking that yep Oprah did it in a year or less, but i am not the all or nothing type, i am breastfeeding for goodness sake, I cant have skimmed milk, or 1000 calories, so realistically i am setting my sites on losing 3kg a month and not 4.5kg which is the maximum that one can lose(according to bob greene anyway).
By december i should be weighing a 100kg then...

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