Friday, 13 July 2007


Midway through July and I am at 115 still. The first week of July i tried getting up to do tae-bo, suceeded on three occassions.By the end of the week i had a plan, i will park 20 minutes away from work(my boyfriend or is it ex-boyfriend's place) and walk. This plan was only begun this morning, prompted ofcourse by the chair that keeps pinching my tighs. So i walked, briskly i must add, but it was not at my level 7(as per Bob Greene). and and,i did not have the office friday biscuits at our morning meeting. And i am drinking my water, and i have been walking up and down the stairs today looking for some auditor who has a file i want to look at. So I'm trying to be on track.
Newsflash All bran flakes is the best cereal ever, remember i've been having high fibre bran, but today i had all bran flakes again and it was heavenly, i promise you, i felt full, i didnt feel cheated and i am still fine. i tought i was helping matters by switching to a leaner cereal but no i was just feeding myself cardboard and feeling deprived.
Lord give me strength cause i seriously do not want to be this big this coming summer. I want to lose at least 12kg by end of October. .

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