Friday, 22 June 2007


For the past month I have been lazy to exercise but yesterday i got a rude awakening, the pants that were loose are beginning to tighten up, more than that though i was thinking yesterday that there is always an excuse with me for everything. there's a reason why i didnt pass my courses, a reason why i'm neck deep in debt, now there will be one why i went a third of the way in losing weight and gave up. That's why i am not enjoying my life cause i am constantly dissapointing myself. i singlehandedly set out to sabotage my efforts. i settle debt and i make new ones, i laze about at work, i over-eat over stupid things, like a man doesnt love me. Who cares, ok I do but that's not the end of the world. the other day i pinpointed exactly why i was eating, i was depressed over what a colleauge had said and as a result i wanted a biscuit badly but the minute i made that connection i was free. But the days that followed i couldnt care less about no connection i just wolfed peanuts, marshmallows, coffe, meusli anything and everything down my mouth.
So i recommited today, i got up at 4am and did tae-bo for a good 35 minutes, normally i use to do the aerobic part of it and leave the floor exercises but today i added 5 minutes of floor exercises and hopefully i will do more as i get fitter. I will also print out an exercise schedule like the one i started with at home while on martenity leave. Like i said i will pay more attention to my feelings, they truly are the key to most things, manage them and half the battle is won. another thing, yesterday i got this freebie from some free centurion magazine, planet fitness is offering a limited gym membership for free. so i think i will go to the centurion gate one. I like that they have baby-care as well. i can imagine how traumatic it will be for Nkati to be left with a stranger but i will look into it. so there is a plan...

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