Thursday, 27 September 2007

It's late

Its 11:10pm and i'm up playing on my laptop, well if you want to get technical it's my employer's laptop. I have just downloaded skype and was kinda hoping i could call someone, but nah People sleep. I cant get to sleep, cause number 1 i have recently got connected to the internet via my cellphone, dont even wanna know what my bill will be next month, and 2 cause i had a row with my brother. The child refuses to help around the house and has a chin to wag when i insist. Nxa
On the diet front, I have been indulging in simplecarbs, why my baby's nanny made u-mngqusho, and it was either that or eat tomatoes for supper.
exercise i have been slack, again it's the sleeping late, but i have started climbing 4 flights of stairs at the car park so i'm hoping that helps something.
I know what needs to be done and as soon as i'm centred inside i will push on doing it. Just sorting out some mess right now and working towards a routine....

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