Monday, 24 September 2007

I don't wanna know

Eish it's been a bad two weeks and i mean really bad. Yandisa had to get married and i had to eat all that food and i had to be left nanny-less for 5 days. The Yandisa getting married, ok maybe she really loves the guy and well there's no way she can say "Babes dont eat that, all those simple cabs". So i ate, i ate food i bought as well for the 3 days she had to be marrying herself off. Nanny just had to go do some ceremony for her father, i mean, so when Nkati's crying i just shoved food in my mouth and this one day i went to sleep with such a full stomach i thought would explode.
But you know what i'm back baby, tomorrow gonna hit the road jogging. then taebo every day after that. Pretoria is gonna have a very hot summer and i sure as hell dont want my tighs rubbing against each other. My goal is still to hit below 100kg by year end.
I will only weight in on the 15th of October, am very scared of what Mr Scale has to say about me.

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