Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Broke diet

I broke my diet today. I am having dry special k as I write this. I forgot my veggies at home and I don’t have money to go buy a salad and I’ve got to eat so there. God I hate being poor, ok rephrase, I hate being poor at managing my finances. I mean really this month has just been bad. I went home on an empty petrol tank yesterday; my baby’s father had to bring a 5 litre petrol container to my place to refuel the car. Jeez I mean what is this. I know I know, I went home, the Eastern Cape (unplanned), I gave money away, to people who needed it more. I mean my cousin had a baby and she wasn’t breastfeeding and the baby didn’t have clothes. I paid study loan, I thought I could get back into paying but seemingly not. This month I must improve in finances management. Make a budget and stick to it.
On the weight loss front someone commented yesterday, she wants what I’m doing but she’s like so thin (she has 3kg to loose- gal if I had 3kg to loose I would just chill). I would feel bad making her go on the 1st phase of south beach diet. So I’ll give her this other one my colleague has lost weight on. Some dietician, it works she lost heaps.
God I hate not having money, close to tears already, Jee wiz.
This morning i weighed 108.4kg . I guess i'll be happy if i start next week and next phase at 108kg. Imagine when i reach 107kg, I havent been 107kg since final year in high school. I remember cause my mom and i went to some doctor who gave an injection for people to lose weight and i remember going down to 104kg but then picking up to 107kg for the rest of that year.
Yesterday i wore this skirt i last wore at Sindiswa's wedding(ok since i know for a fact that my friends read this blog, they will know who sindiswa is, but if you are not one of them-Sindiswa is a friend who got married in 2002). That skirt was tight when i bought it, i had to constantly be pulling it down, but now it just stays down. I am so happy about that.

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