Monday, 10 September 2007

Week1 on the South Beach diet

I followed the phase 1 of south beach diet well until Saturday. Let me explain, my daughter turned 9 months and I bought a cake to celebrate, writing it down it does sound like an excuse, but honestly it isn’t. I didn’t wanna break a tradition just because I’m on a diet. Ok Ok I didn’t have to eat the cake, my brother and the nanny could have but it looked nice. I wasn’t even craving it just the promise of something I know to be nice. But funny I felt good while eating it but after I just felt funny, like physically funny. So Sunday I had a bit of cake as well, so you may ask, am I stupid or something?
But the good news I now weigh, wait for it 110kg. I can truly say that and not lie rounding off to the nearest tenth. Some say it is water weight, but I have been drinking two litres daily. My clothes are loose, my stomach is flatter, so whatever it is keep on giving it to me. This is the last week and I forgot to pack breakfast, was too late this morning, so I had nuts for breakfast, will have to make a plan about a salad for lunch.
I was thinking this weekend, maybe I’m just one of those non-fibre people. Firbre from grains that is. Such that when I hit phase 2 of the diet, I will limit the fibre I eat, if I had cereal, I’ll have a salad for lunch and vege and meat for supper. If I want bread for lunch, I’ll have eggs and vege for breakfast.
Sunday my knee joint acted up, when I turn too quickly, it locks. So was still feeling it this morning when I went for my jog. Other than that I am feeling super, my hair could do with some TLC but hey payday is Friday so I must just bear it.

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