Monday, 3 September 2007


Ok, ok, I come back with my head hanging in shame. After avoiding the scale for a week i weighed myself and it is confirmed i am no longer what i was. it's funny how it's affecting my confidence, as long as i kept losing i was sort of fine but now I am literally hanging in shame. I am trying to be positive, that my out of control eating led me to this, my actions have led me here, but i dont have to stay here, i can loose some more. God knows i have to lose a whole lot more. It can be done, i can do it. My weekend was filled with biscuits of all sorts, worse are marie biscuits, i just have a thing for them.A while back it was tennis biscuits, but now they are just too sweet so i have turned to marie's. When i buy a packet, i finish it. So why am i suprised when i am back at 114kg, ouch that hurts even writing it down.
So new plan of action, i am going to try the 1st phase of the southbeach diet, that is for twoo weeks. I have been basically eating like the phase 2, with good carbs but having too many-a-biscuit ensured weight gain. I admit my eating is poor and i need to rerve it back into action. i am not saying there wont be challenges but i need proper nutrition to reach my goal of below 100kg by year end. i dont want to spend another christmas fat.

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