Monday, 27 August 2007

Poor choices

Went to visit my family in the eastern cape over the past week. I feel terrible abt what i ate. Such that i avoided the scale this morning. I decided 2 go cos the nanny had an interview(imagine that) so i would have had 2 take some days off. I ate everything from chips to cream buns, cream buns i mean am i stupid or something. Everybody commented on how slim-mer i look, My dad was like "you a real slender now", me- "oh tata i'm only 5kg lighter than when you last saw me". "So how much do you weigh", Jeez i didnt wanna say 111.7kg so i said 110. Apparently he weighs the same, ouch.. Went to a cousin's funeral the saturday of coming back to pretoria, my aunts were like interviewing me on what i am doing. On the drive back i tell my mom that i must have been humoungous if people are responding like this. She has never seen my face this small. Then people are just gonna fall over when i lose the remaining 35kg..

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