Wednesday, 15 August 2007

A long way away

Today I am not feeling so good. This might have something to do with it being payday and realising that I forgot one zero while doing my budget earlier this month, leaving me actually short than in excess as I tought. Anyway that aside, everytime i think about how long it will take to shed this fat I get down, granted it took a long time to pile it on but it doesnt make it any easier thinking of it like that. I know a year is long and probably this time next year I will have reached my goal and will look back at this time fondly, admiring my strength and determination. But right here right now i wish i was Shauna or Helen, the list is endless, they are done and here I am with how many, with 35 kg to loose, and that's just to get withing the lowest rand of a healthy BMI. I know I know when i first started I had 55kg to loose, but still I'm sad and just wish it will all hurry up and be done.


Shauna said...

I remember that feeling all too well and just wanted to wish you best of luck... hang in there xx

Nomizana said...

Thanks a million gal, that reduced me to tears.

eduardo waghorn said...

Are you Xhosa?
I know Xhosa languages are very complex...they have an explosion sound, unique on this worlds:)
what is your native language?
Tell me more:)

Nomizana said...

Yes i speak the language. a beatiful language if i do say so myself. People are always fascinated by the clicks and when they hear someone speaking Xhosa they conclude it is the most difficult thing. Basic lesson "Molo, unjani, ndiyavuya ukukwazi" which is "Hello, how are you, i am happy to know you"