Monday, 13 August 2007


I like this, considering I had too many snacks on Saturday. What I did do though is go jogging on Thursday (it being woman’s day I could get up late and not freeze while trying to do something good for me). I took Friday off and decided instead of driving to the bank and the mall; let me walk instead, unbelievable, me walking to the mall.
Saturday drove to the mall (coz I was going with daughter and nanny), but walking around with my child on the front carrier felt like exercise, I swear she’s heavy (9KG) and worse so when she’s sleeping.
One exciting thing I did on Friday was fit these other white jeans I haven’t worn since 2000. They are 107cm, I think that’s an extra large, and they went up. I had to seize breathing to button them up but eventually they buttoned and belted (even though my but was overflowing).
The goal ofcourse is to be below 100kg by the end of the year.
Did I mention I have found the person I want to look like when I’ve shed the fat, I mean not look like her look like her, but the approximate size. She’s Leila Ali, yes the boxer. I think that’s realistic J


Albert said...


Just a few words of encouragement - you are doing great. It's wonderful to see someone with goals that are difficult, but not unrealistic.

Keep at it. You are an inspiration.

Nomizana said...

Thanks so much Albert, you have made my day :-)