Monday, 6 August 2007


Ouch is all I can say. Granted this weight gain could be due to my period but I did overdo things in Cape Town. I had supper with friends way too late in the night, I had snacks plus cake all in one sitting and on workshop days I had those horrible muffins oh and airline food. Speaking of airlines; the ultimate ‘have I lost any weight’ test, the seats. Going to Cape Town I swear there was space in my seat and I could pull the belt to tighten it, but coming back the seat just seemed to have shrunk, I swear, I was squashed. This broad shouldered big guy by the window was just hogging the arm rest, reading and eating was a mission, thank god I sat next to my tiny tiny colleague so I could hog the arm rest we shared. I hate airplanes; they are so fat person unfriendly. I hate those Boeing airplanes, I mean really now. I hate economy class, or as British airways insist on calling it world traveller class. Whatever it’s called I hate it, you should see those guys in business class. I hate my thighs, in fact my whole midsection. Everybody in Cape Town was like wow, wow. But I don’t feel that much different, I must have been so huge hey because I am only starting to feel normally obese, so as my bmi would insist, I was morbidly obese then.
In fact Cape Town was just not good for me cause I realised (I mean I know this) just how much I hate my job. And worse my employer has decided to block facebook (I mean).
Other than that I carry on in my quest to be healthy and fit, I will walk to the library this afternoon. I am planning on getting dumbbells and a fitness band when I get paid.

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