Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Whats eating me

Today real life is on the fore, was thinking what if i never get another job. what if i am stuck in here forever. What will i do differently if i knew no-one will employ me.
I guess i would write more, I would do something about my business ideas, i would make money for myself.
What does this have to do with weight loss, nothing just that i want so much, i want to experience so much and where i am in my life right now doesnt allow it. I cant just take my baby and go globetrotting, what is i could? What would i achieve if i knew i couldnt fail. ok i'm beginning to sound like some book, but what if. If i knew i would shed all this weight, will amass wealth and live the way i want to live. Dammit i'm sick of being broke, I'm sick of not affording the things i want. Granted it's my own doing but I'm sick of it, I want more, more from myself, more from life, more enjoyment, more fuffillment.

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