Tuesday, 27 November 2007

How's it possible

I weighed myself this morning and i am 115kg.
Granted i ate a bit too much chocolate and i wasnt watching my food portions BUT I was exercising. I was lifting, doing my stretches and jogging, sometimes doing Tae-bo fairly well for two weeks. Maybe it's not so bad, maybe i'm retaining water, maybe it's muscle weight. Well it better be cause i was so proud to have left the 115 and settled on 110s.
But i'm depressed, I cant really pinpoint one thing. I'm starting a new job, i dont have that many new clothes, I have to give my nanny notice, swimming lessons are over, I want to take a break from work and be at home, but i need to be here tomorrow to find out if vodacom approved my contract(see i've had this number for as long as i've worked here, which is 4 years and it belongs to SARS, so i want it converted to a personal contract) so i have to find out tomorrow. i love that number, maybe it wont be a bad thing if i dont get it maybe i will save money but i loved that number. Everyone knew that number and I loved that phone, I have videos, pictures, songs on that phone. Oh it's depressing.
Then my dad called this morning talking about the traditional way to do things when one brings a boyfriend. He couldnt meet him cause that's not the right way to do things. It's making me hate my boyfriend for taking forever in meeting my family. for not having money for lobola and just for a whole lot of things.
Then my dad mentions, my child should come and stay with them cos i'll be busy travelling in my new job but i want my baby to stay with me. she's so young, she's still on the breast, she loves me and knows me. I cant just abonden her to the eastern cape. I'm just miserable, absolutely miserable.
Yesterday i couldnt get my teeth fillings cause the whole procedure will take an hour and the dentist closes at 5.
Oh nothing is going right and on top of it i forgot to put moisturiser on my face, so i'm dry, infact i forgot to put moisturiser on my whole body, so i'm dry dry. i think i will take(which is equivalent to stealing even though i know she wont mind) some from Lani.
The outlook is not working for the second day now, so i cant access my work mail.

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