Monday, 12 November 2007

Total Bodymakeover Week 1

Starting weight(12 November 2007)= 110kg
Goal weight(2 February 2008)= 95kg
I am reading Bob Greene's Total bodymakeover, the 12 week challenge. I officially started today, it's an accelerated programme to do aerobic, stretching and weights programme. I went jogging today and was amazing at how much fitness i have lost, going up a tiny hill was hard and just a while back i would breeze up it. This 1st week i am to do 30 minute aerobic exercise, stretch and lift some weights. I had oats for breakfast, i should snack soon, but this colleague of mine came in with some sweet baked biscuits, and she urged me to try, Damn Shamani, it's my first day gal. anyway i nibbled and must now go looking for some fruit.
The measurements show i have expanded, that is to be rectified.

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