Thursday, 8 November 2007

Knowing what i want

I am reading another Bob Greene book, this one is called total body makeover. It's a 12 week programme that is designed to kick-start one's metabolism. The first thing you must do is deal with the emotional issues, typical bob Greene. I went through this in Make the connection, in Get with the Programme as well. but it's amazing how quickly i forgot. i know my bad eating is a symptom of an emotional issue, i know it. but i get lazy to go through my emotions about a thing. lately I have neglected exercise, i have been eating junk like it's running out of fashion, anything you can imagine that i shouldnt do i did. The problems i have been avoiding, my financial situation, my relationship, my job.
He says we can eat because something is missing, love might be missing. that is it exactly for me Love. Love for myself, i look too much to other people for love. I will change that...

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