Monday, 5 November 2007

When you need help

I am disgusted at myself. It seems such a trend, during the week i dont do so bad but weekends i just wolf junk. I havent been exercising very well and it would be so easy to blame my daughter Cos the minute i am around her she wants me and only me, i cant get up early to go jog cos she wont let me out her sight. But i cant blame the kid,i know i am adorable and the BEST MOMMY in the whole world(that could have something to do with my irresistible yummy milk coming from the boobs). What i mean is i always had solutions, when i could exercise in winter i had an alternative, i parked far and walked. Now i just have excuses and it's showing. I cant start my new job like this, at least i must be the same. i can't go home having gained.
So i am slowly going to do the right thing, cereal with 2% milk and salads, salads, salads.
i dont know about the exercise, i wish i had a stationery bike. i wish i knew how to bike and had a real bike and could cicyle to work.
In other news, i am not pregnant, the period has confirmed, all that worrying for nothing. Which then neccessitate i visit my gynae and discuss the patch as a contraceptive alternative for me. I hate the pills and the injection. they mess with my hormones and i eat a lot and and and and they are just not my favourite OK.

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