Wednesday, 26 December 2007

festive season

I hate how i eat over the festive season. infact let me admit i am over-eating because i am with my family and i will leave my daughter for a month in king williams town. so i dont wanna do that but not making ends meet is kinda neccesitating. Hell i so dont wanna be apart from my daughter, period. so i eat and eat and eat. But i promise myself i will get back on the horse.
did i mention i officially hate dogs, this morning i'm out jogging or powerwalking whatever and there are two dogs up the hill barking. so i step back and go down hill, jogging, then i hear a growl, getting loder and louder, then i hear a bark, then a dog jumps the fence and comes straight at me, at this time i turn and run and scream my head off. by the grace of god the dog decide to turn back. i am scared i am crying and i turn back, i HATE DOGGGGGSSSSS

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Early said...

Loool @ the dog bit!
I think this festive season was the worst for me, just a couple of weeks and it shows.
I used to work with a girl from KIND WILLIAMS TOWN! And she's one of the real life people I've seen lose weight and even today I'm still wondering how she did it. She was going home for xmas and went on this strict diet for 2 weeks, lost a bit. BUt when she came back at the end of Jan she was a whole new person. Sometimes I even suspect that she did something while over there, but she maintained she just ate less using the diet as a guide(it's called 'metabolistic diet'). She's now living in Jo'burg too.