Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Fat loss

Blogging about fat loss can get boring, like how many times can you hear, what I didn’t eat. What I should have ate, what makes me eat, don’t you just get that complex sometimes that people are discussing life changing ideas and here I am obsessed about losing weight.
One thing I discovered though, I hate lifting, and the thought of it just makes me cringe. Like I love going power walking or jogging cause I get time with myself, the smell of fresh air in the morning, the gearing up for the day. But lifting, you are sitting there, just feeling sore, it bites man. For real, I know I must get myself to like it or at least decide to do it consistently so I can reap all these benefits everybody is talking about.
Yesterday I was miserable about something at work and I got home and played with my daughter for a while. I could literally feel myself un=winding, then I had supper. The nanny had made mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, fried cabbage and chicken livers. Man that food was nice, not the healthiest but it was so hearty that it injected some energy into me. I had a cup of coffee, watched some TV and went to bed. Read a bit. I woke up feeling ok about work and happy that I didn’t think to go get biscuits and chocolates to numb the frustration.

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