Friday, 8 February 2008

Feeling lighter

I am feeling like my old self again....The one where my new clothes were not tight and my stomach wasnt protruding(debatable).
Gaining weight makes me feel so unattractive and apologetic, like I dont like myself. So it's a good thing when i feel good. Today I have been having fruit cause I had a lot of meat yesterday, just trying to be sensible. Later I will have vegetables and this weekend I promise i will stay away from chocolate and biscuits. i will have popcorn cause i am taking out this little gal who thinks she's my friend. Dont get me wrong I like the child in a big sister, little sister way. but she reckons we are friends, maybe later on in her life when she's in the twenties and i thirties.
I am still to find a swimming school in the area, but I was thinking i start a social club, where me and my friends hang out. Could be to discuss books, to have the kids play or whatever just something social and not just sitting at home during weekends. Maybe I should invite someone over for lunch sartuday.

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