Saturday, 8 March 2008

Gastric bypass

It is saturday and I decided to come to gym around seven, so i've been here for like 2hrs now. I started with the sitting down bike(whatever thay call it) and did the treadmill, the two of them for 30 mins i think. Then I did the weights, then the rowing machine for like 3 minutes. I then showered went into the steam room. On my way out of the steam room, a lady i heard saying she was a cio and decided to start her own business, smiles at me and i greet her. I shower and when i come back she's all dressed and leaving, then she comes back. She asks "are you gyming trying to lose weight", ofcourse I am taken aback so i mumble something like "that is the goal yes". "you know what works is gastric bypass, I just did it last week", she then proceeds to show me the plasters on her stomach. She says she did in Blomfontein, it costs R70 000 and its worth it. She's on liquids this week to help the scars heal. I am ofcourse polite and say although i would love to do its too expensive and medical aid wont cover it. She tells me "people will never tell you, you know, you see all these slim white women and you think they dont eat, they eat". I nod in agreement that a diet is not sustainable, she tells me "you see people having lost weight and you ask them, they tell you sureslim". We walk out and I introduce myself and she. I proceed to the internet stations.
Honestly though I dont desire to have a gastric bypass, My problem with food is emotional and I have to conquer that, decide to deal with my issues in other ways. But I thank God that I dont have cravings anymore as a result of choosing lowGI cabohydrates.

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