Friday, 20 June 2008


The way I yo-yo in my eating and gym and blogging, I dont even know what to call this post.
I have decided to focus on weight loss, AGAIN. I go to gym almost everyday and have been meeting all sorts of characters there. It's actually nice to go to gym even if it is just to socialise.
I met an old varsity mate there, I met a possible swim instructor, I met a crazy lady who asked to use my comb, I met a nice lady who chatted while jogging on her treadmill(as if I can hold a conversation), saw a crazy lady who sang in the pool and the showers, almost hit a kid who pushed my daughter in the gym child-care centre. Even went to the gym with my boyfriend(ok, ok, we are back together, again).
I try to eat right, sick of explaining myself to colleagues. It reached boiling point last friday when they all had something to say about my food and me defending myself, ended with me crying, SH*iTTTT how could I. "Ohh, bo hoho, you don't understand what it's like to be fat" I mean really did I have to. But its done and somehow we are closer as they realise I have a weakness even though I act tough.
Work has refused to give me the raise I wanted but I'm cool I guess, just gonna be a squizze for the next couple of months.....
Praying to keep up the momentum....

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