Tuesday, 16 December 2008

So far

What I really wanted to do today was to update:
-recently I fell and fractured the fibula
For the first 12 days I was in a cast, thereafter changed to an air cast. Forget gym, it is exercise getting around the house and to think I have four more weeks of this. I have had to depend on my friends so much. Some where quick to respond, some just ticked off friendly duty and went about their daily lives. This comes in the midst of getting a new job or shall I say trying to get a new job.

-New job thing- So I have been sort of unhappy. I tried to address the problem with my employer but it was not resolved to my satisfaction and then one day i jut burned bridges by expressing what I felt was unfair in a team meeting which was called so that we can talk about the issue creating devide amongst employees. So I spoke-lesson to self- never believe an employer when they say "Speak up, let's solve problems". Never, be as diplomatic as you can be and look for a new venture. Work for yourself, get a new job, go backpacking in Europe, study full-time but never divulge what you truly think cause they use the very same thing against. Its sort of like relationships, ok let me say my relationship and well maybe a friend or two. You tell your man something say that happened when you were young and you clearly say "I never told anyone this". When you fight that thing comes out, he says "well no wonder you don't know how to.......its because of what happened.....". Hello that was so you can understand me better, not attack me with. ANyway I guess people fight in different ways. So my beloved employer who did not want to "loose me" just a month ago says if I am so unhappy I should leave and not look for a new job while here. He wants 100%. So I decide to say I am 100% here and look for a job discreetly this time. So I need help getting to and fro second interviews, tests and what not.

I have recently found the perfect spot in my bedroom where I can get great network reception from MTN, I am now on the internet a lot. As a result getting up to go to the kitchen and fix food is the last thing I want to do. But i will get up to watch Isidingo and Law and order-criminal intent.

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