Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The post I lost

The other day I wrote this great post which I did not save and Lost. Basically I was questioning if having a blog and having it discovered by my employer or prospective employer would dis-favour me in a job. See I have been looking for work(half the time I am convinced I should get the chief in my village to give me a piece of land where I can build a house and farm- that's another story I guess). I went to an interview which has led to an offer pending security clearance and health checks. So in preparation for the interview I did some research on the company, found some stuff on my "to-be colleagues". Some are on facebook, others on linked-in etc. My prospective boss is on linked-in and i sort of knew her before i met her and this got me wondering if she had/did do the same what would she find on me. That I am some girl who has a weight problem and has been hacking at conquering it for the past 3 years. She could read my posts, decides if she likes me or not and possibly be influenced when hiring.
Some people on the net have lost their jobs I found out. There was a flight attendant who was fired for posting "some" pictures. A teacher somewhere and I remember a story that made it to SA about a woman who blogged about her employer, Heather B Armstrong.
So I took some advice and cleaned up my internet/social network trail. Archived some poems i wrote and posted under my name which incidentally led back to this blog and others. Made sure my profiles on facebook and whereever are by invitation/request only. Even cleared up more while writing this post. Basically:
-never mention your employer
-don't link your name to your blog
-limit work related stuff to jusy you and
-never add contact details

Anyway I doubt my prospective employer would be interested in goog-ling me, but better safe than sorry.

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