Friday, 2 January 2009

Magazines are so last year

OMG I cannot believe that I have found a replacement for magazines.

Last year I subscribed to three magazines to help achieve my goals for the year. I took out a year’s subscription to O magazine-they changed editors halfway and it has just turned into another female magazine, Runner’s world- I really did believe it would help me prepare if not motivate me to run 5km race- and Shape. When I did not renew the latter at their discounted price they called to ask why. Well, I told them; because I find myself reading the same article every three months- basically it’s not exciting enough. I don't know what they do with that information!!

Magazines have moved over to make space for blogs.

BLOGS are in baby, I have found so many weight loss blogs that I am really interested to read

Even the body appreciation musings of The sumo mixed with some commentary on South African life.

So many motivational get your life in order blogs:

  • PulginId -this one is written by a young man from England who is based in Cape Town. He speaks to me and often times I find myself wondering if this person is 18 really but yep.
  • Life made great- cannot believe this lady started blogging 4 months ago
  • Penelope Trunk -career meets life advice, just love it.

The nice thing about blogs though (which magazines don’t have) is reader feedback. A blogger can tell immediately how appreciated what she wrote is almost immediately. Readers comment, subscribe to feeds or emails/newsletter giving the writer an idea of who reads her staff. Also how effective are the adverts on her site by clicks and so on.

I have my nicely packed magazine on my Google reader which I can connect to anywhere and get a peck-me-up immediately. Inspiration at my fingertips.

I, unfortunately am still working on the readership, I know friends stumble-upon my blog when they see “Wow she has gained weight hasn’t she?” then I guess they would come to get an update of my emotional state and why I am not losing.

But this is the year I become an expert of my field my friends.

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Early said...

Confession: I've become addicted to blogs. It's very interesting to read real-life stories, so much better than magazines.