Tuesday, 20 January 2009

There's so much more to me than Weight issues

You know what, this blog started out being about weightloss and keeping track of my scale reading. But lately I have been feeling there is so much more to me than my body and what size I am. Not only have I accepted that I am a big woman, I have also started to embrace me entirely.

By accepting I am a big girl I don’t mean I will munch muffins like they are running out of fashion or disregard all the good nutritional lessons I have learnt over the past few years. I mean, I am loving myself perfectly the way I am. I will love myself perfectly when I get to be a smaller size. In fact I don’t even know what size that will be. My body will tell me. I will still walk (as soon as I can without limping-cause after taking off the cast, my foot is not back to top condition like I thought it would be), I will still go to gym. I have made a promise to myself to find ways of moving that I enjoy so I will start swimming lessons again, so that I can swim at an aerobic pace. I will see what else to add.
It could be fracturing my fibula, it could be reading positive books like the Science of being well and four commitments that made me really want to embrace other areas of my life in this way.
Financial health- getting out of debt and staying out of debt
Further education- I was learning Shangaan, I’m not perfect but I want to continue learning. Community development, what works best etc
Leadership career- Running my own company even or NGO
Parenting- doing single parenting the best way I know how. My parents are looking after my daughter till I get settled but I want to do the best I can to provide the type of education I want her to have, just to make conscious decisions regarding her life.

I think it was a personal branding site that prompted me to ask myself what is my definition of success and it definately is not fitting into a certain size. It is rather:
  1. Doing what I want for a living-lately my mind has been occupied by rural development. Seeing when I went back to my home town how different a rural child's life is to everyone else's. I dont mean materially but education, libraries etc. The growth of Africa, resolution of conflict.
  2. Providing the best for my child-that is love, care, education, shelter and food. What we assume as basics but i see so many children going without.
  3. Seeing the world- My goodness I am surrounded by beauty. My own country, Zimbabwe(was breathtaking), Mozambique I hear is heavenly. I would love to see more of Europe,be in the buzz of India and flipping see these "9 million bicycles in beijing".
  4. Writing-blogging(believe it or not is important to me), motivational stories and even that novel I have been writing for years(on and off that is)

That was a mouthful. Now let me go and have my health bread with tuna....yum.

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Early said...

I like this --- there is so much more to me than my body and what size I am --- because it is a very grand thing not just to say, but more to feel and believe within yourself. And I'm sure it is once you've amassed that kind of self-love and acceptance that you can face life full on and live it as you're meant. I believe I've been there too long though, knowing who I am at any time point is who I am meant to be, and living myself to the full despite my size. And I say too long because despite the apparent self-acceptance, there's always been that little voice that tells me that things could actually be better. That is why I started my blog with the hope that I can finally lead a life that will get me to that point when I don't feel like there might be more to lfe that this --- does such a point exist??