Monday, 2 February 2009

New attitude, new look, new job

I have just finished a swimming session at the gym. It was cool getting into water again more than anything I enjoyed feeling how loose my costume is. The last time I wore it it was overflowing with all of me but now its just loose.

The physiotherapist reckons its good exercise for the ankle to do some water exercises and even though the exercises I did today were not from her, I'm sure they are good for me. See I am taking this advice of doing what I love for exercise to heart. This advice is from the Science of being well which I have been going on (for a while now) to anyone who will listen. How one must chew properly and enjoy food, that way you feel fuller for longer. So now I have started adding swimming and in time I will add walking in the mornings which helps me clear my head.

My weight is constant at 115kg, and I know why it is so. I have been drinking a lot of alcohol, the whole of last week and during the weekend. Anyone who has tried to loose weight I'm sure knows that is like drinking cooking oil with all the calories. So what I want to adjust from next week is the drinking. I want to learn that it is okay to sip my wine and also getting intoxicated is not the end all and be all.

Driving home from my saturday outing I realised that now that I do not have food as a "buddy" I might fall into the trap of substituting it with alcohol. As I sat there, at the party, chips galore, sweets, all I kept going for is merlot, which was not so nice by the way. But I wanted something to do, with my hands and with my mouth. Maybe I should try gum.

On a very positive note, I got the job I have been writing about here, this is my notice month and in no time I will be in Cape Town, doing the laid back thing.

Meeting new people growing, paramount ofcourse is image. I have been polling my friends on what hairstyle suits me best. See I want to impress, I want my brand to shine through in this job.

That is:

  • Professional

  • Smart-working

  • Thirst for knowledge

  • Brilliant delivery

  • Committed

  • Team-player

We shall see, I am looking forward definately

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Early said...

Congratulations on the new job!! And Cape Town too, wow. I've never been there, but I know... Enter the brand; I guess it's the best time to consolidate what your brand is and yes, shine through when you get there. Nothing worse than a new work place, except when you know what you're about.

If I were to poll on a hairstyle based on what I've seen of you (the 2 pictures you've used here), I'd say go for something that keeps hair off of your face. Some lines like carrot maybe. Or maybe tiny singles that you can tie back or let loose when you feel like it.

And it's good to hear you're now out of the cast and can exercise. Good going.