Thursday, 7 January 2010

Anything can become a habit

I have been starting my day with lemon juice for the better part of 2 months(christmas/new year break i faltered) and I have found that I am beginning to like the taste. It was reccommended in the Medi-shape diet I followed. (thats another post). At the beginning I did it cause I felt anything so ugly must be good for me and ofcourse it was part of the diet so I did it. But I have not been on the eating plan for three weeks but I have kept up with the lemons. Go anywhere on the net they'll tell you, they're good for the skin,digestion etc.
A habit I want to get back to is gym, I was so comfortable with going in the morning last year but that might be hard this year as I am toilet training my daughter at night. She use to wear a nanny to sleep but now I make her go pee every 3hours or so. My mother(who started the process) assures me in time it will be 4hours, then 5 hours and then no more waking in the night to pee. I look forward to that day. So an alternative will be to go to my favourite gym on weekends and the gym at work during the week. Use my lunch hour ofcourse. I will try it out, i have brought my gym bag today, just like yesterday but i had failed to go. When there are two people in the work gym it's too many, when I saw 2 marines in there working some iron I just went back to my desk. I hope I can change that or find a better solution to the potty training sleep disturbance thing.

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