Thursday, 26 November 2009

Gym is fun

I am at the gym for the second time today. I did a little bit of power-plate and 10 minutes walking. I also took all my measurements and got an eating plan that takes into account African food.
I just felt like working out, even though I did not do much the fact that I left home to go to the gym is a cause for celebration. The thought of sitting on the couch to watch The Bold and the Beautiful or worse Young and the restless, see staying with someone one is kinda forced to do things they would not normally do. I would never watch those soapies but lately I have been updated on Bridgette's aunt sleeping with Nick and is it Eric who is in Hospital. I don't need that information taking up my head-space man. I have a lot to think about as it is. Like the festive season which seems to have started regardless of my pleas. The last weekend I attended a funeral back home and people are out in droves having fun and by fun I mean going out to braai/barbacue some meat and drink some alcohol.
But this desire to be at the gym really has nothing to do with me panicking about the summer. I have been genuinely enjoying working out especially when I sweat. There's just something raw about it. I must plan ahead and know exactly where the gyms are in the town I will be visiting over the festive season.
I will be playing hard, hopefully drinking little and working out hard.
I can't wait to attain the level of fitness I want, to have a sculpted body.

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