Thursday, 6 May 2010

Find me a Moto Moto

McDonald's Madagascar 2 Figure: Moto Moto the Hippo
Do you remember Moto Moto, the player hippo from Madagascar. When he sings "she loves me".

I love this version-

"She loves my eyes,
She loves my roundness,
She loves my heftiness,

I like them big
I like them chunky, chunky, plumpy, plumpy
I their attitude, their style,
I like their appetite"

I want to find me a Moto moto. A guy who will love my roundness. (Take away that Moto moto is a player and all he loves of this woman is her body and appreciates nothing else she has to offer.)
I am not jumping off the weight loss wagon but I want someone who will love me now for what I am now. If I did not loose another kilo that would be okay. That is how I am feeling now, loving the body I have as is even though I want to improve it.

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