Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Working Ethic

I don't know when I developed this attitude that insists I must enjoy the work I do. I find myself concentrating on the portions of my work that I enjoy and leaving the rest to suffer. I then look bad at team meetings when I keep postponing submitting the report or following up with clients. I hate looking bad but sometimes even that is not enough to make me do the work. I want to develop a certain culture for my work, whether I love it or not, I should do it cause I get paid. The company should atleast get what they paid for if not more. I don't know why I slack off sometimes cause it really feels good to have a satisfied client and a happy boss.
My boss is so unhappy with me right now that I am sure if there were no processes to follow I'd be out of a job. I want to motivate myself to do excellent work from now on.
Such that I am devoting time to Project: Productive at work
Step 1 is to get my motivation levels up. I am currently listening to CD's from Success Motivation Institute. The first one is Positive Expectancy to Win. Let me just say, I have heard everything he talks about(just like you) but I have most of the time forgotten it.
Imagination, Visualisation and Belief are essential in achieving my goals. So I will get those success stories, All 20 of them in the next 3 months.

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