Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Back to the drawing board

I am starting all over again with weight loss, clearly I have been failing because I am doing something wrong. I have been on so many diets that when I try to commit to losing weight I mix-up principles from each diet I have been on. Today I was chatting to a collegue who said " when i was on weigh-less....", I thought to myself; how many programmes have you tried chick. But then I remembered I went on weighless way back in 2003. I have been on the South beach diet, medishape, eat when you hungry, low GI, Doctor prescibed plans, bioslim, icon natural and horror of all horrors duromine.
I'm sure many have travelled this road but I just did not know what is what anymore so I am going back to basics.
One plan and lets see where it takes me.
I signed up for sureslim
I have been weighed, measured, given the book with success stories etc. This is officially my second week, all I have to say is "eating healthy is expensive". I never knew pumpkin seeds could cost this much.
I am feeling the good effects of the 3kg weight loss already and people are already commenting. People being my cousin and collegues, now it must be remembered that my cousin is brutal with comments when one gains weight, she once told me "You are so round, this has to stop gal". So to hear her say "the diet is working" one tends to believe her. Not that I need someone to tell me how good I am looking or if I have lost weight, but it confirms that I am on the right track.
SO I am back on the weight loss, regaining my life blog because I am actually on weight loss track. I need somewhere to record this experience once again and hopefully it might help someone else out there.

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