Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Bad food

Yesterday, I had a slice of dark chocolate cake. It was left over from the weekend when I had a few friends over, ok 2 friends. It’s a good thing she didn’t bring a cheesecake (as I had asked her to) because that would have been taken care of that very day. Just after I finished I started feeling bad and wished I hadn’t, wondered how I could undo the damage. Like drink a litre of water maybe, take laxatives, but I didn’t, the moment passed and I just sort of decided I will do better tomorrow. Indeed I did do better today (the day isn’t over yet BUT) I refused fatcakes. What is a fatcake? You take flour, yeast, salt and some sugar and you knead it into dough, you wait for it to rise and you fry it deep in oil. There are ladies all around Pretoria that place themselves strategically were there are a lot of black people that were raised eating fatcakes. So the corner next to our office is such a place, we work for the government, we love the stuff, we are not that well paid. The lady brings her dough, her paraffin stove and large pan and fries away. Three of my colleagues are addicted, but I said NO today. Then one commented on the looseness of my skirt which strengthened my resolve to walk away.
Speaking of fatcakes, an African diet almost makes it impossible to loose weight. Everything is mielies(corn), my favourite ofcourse being umvubo, you boil water put in some salt and mielie-meal, then stir with a fork, reduce heat, after 20 minutes you cool it. Voila you can eat with mass sour cream). I love it, I love it and almost everytime I have this meal I ask myself why cause the taste is blend, I don’t know but I love me some mvubo. So once a week I have me some, full fat and all.
Also once a week I have umngqusho, samp with beans.
Those are the two things I cannot eliminate from my diet cause they are who I am(How can i define myself with food). I love them and they remind me of home. So shoot me.
I know it then means the rest of the week I must be strict and follow my eating plan.

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Early said...

Mmh...cake! Sometimes you just haev to say the name and I'm out of the door getting some. So sad. They made fake sugar, why can't they make fake everything, 0 calorie cake for example?