Thursday, 14 February 2008


I love to read right, so I sent some old books of mine(nine to be exact) to this second hand bookshop. I wanted at least R100 for them, but all they offering is R30, that wont do. But while at the shop i find the South beach diet and browse through it. There's a part where the guy says "eating makes you hungry", what does that mean. I couldnt like read the whole book in the store but will go buy it when I have money. It\s interesting the South beach diet. I tried it last year and sometimes follow the principles to detox, I mean the phase 1 principles. I have not i realise done it so it would be interesting to read from the doctor himself why it is safe and good for one.
In other news there's this gal at the office, not thin but not fat. She says she is working out with a trainer 2 times a week and she has finally found where her triceps are, her arms hurt. makes me think maybe, since i am so averse to lifting, maybe i should try an instructor to get me into things.

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