Wednesday, 20 February 2008


Monday my child's nanny dropped a bomb on me. She is leaving end of the month, she says she got the job she was interviewed for last year.
Anyway I was happy for her of course but naturally a vein, i think it's the one that attaches the neck to the head(is there such), anyway the one on the left side of my neck, started throbbing. I woke to go jog yesterday but stopped a quarter of the way, sat down by the road, prayed and cried. Well I am devastated of course, she was good both to me and Nkati. More like a friend really(apparently you aren't to befriend your help). So I looked at creches, looking into nannies, will see. But funny enough I didn't once think of food to numb any bad feelings, just drank lots of water and tried to calm down, sleep more, not surf the net way into the night.
I can honestly say that I am well rested, not stressed about it anymore and will cope and survive.

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