Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The latest

Well my baby's nanny left last friday. My cousin, who is my mom's age is looking after my little girl now. So that part is sorted, I just have to get around to wipping out the contract with agreements on pay.
Last saturday, the 1st i did my first 10km fun walk in Pretoria, 10km is long eva. it is so bloody long, but I enjoyed it, keeping up with others, pacing yourself, going up hills, having old ladies with limps pass me on the way, having ladies pushing a kid on a wheel chair pass me. That was fun, to think i almost didnt go. i set my alarm for 440am and 520am, i have been up for like 5mins thinking it will go off anytime now. When I checked I freaked, got up, got dressed,brushed my teeth. left the house, with a comb in hand and gym shoes. Drove like a maniac, called the organiser on the way to get directions. I got there and what do you know I still had time. the 6am guys, the marathon and 21.5km were starting and 15min later the fun runners and walkers.
I fetched my brother afterwards and spend the day with Family.

You will never guess wherefrom I am posting this blog, the gym. Yep i finally did it, joined a gym. Virgin active in Sunninghill. The plan is I will come workout for an hour, shower and go home to dress and spend time with my child before going off to work. I hate bringing clothes to the gym, next thing i walk out all wrinkly and stuff. Anyway I chose sunninghill cause its about 2km from my place and I dont drive towards work and have to come back and contend with traffic. I drive against traffic both ways. And would you know it, there is swimming instructor who thinks she can squizz me in for lessons on sunday. And i can bring my baby on weekends and leave her at the baby's section, clubVmax. I love this gym. Ok I was actually shocked when I came in that there was a cue of people wanting to come in. i mean at 5am, i thought I was unique, but nope, a whole bunch of folk prefer working out early. In fact this qualifies as crowded.
Ok gotta go and see if I can get petrol for the car, before the prices go up tonight.

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