Thursday, 27 March 2008


Do not get me started on the damage I did to my eating plan over the easter weekend. Pizza, chocolate, mieliemeal, samp, cereal everyday, variations of it(Maltabella one day, oata, mielie pap). i did a lot of damage. On top of it I had soft drinks, I mean really. But today I have resolved to BE FAT NO MORE. I am sick of it, i am sick of my life recvolving around ukutya, so I shall do the right thing. Eat as I best know how, choose the right fruits, nuts, vegetables and avoid all these saturated fats and concentrated sugars.
  • Chocolate, if it aint dark i am not eating it.
  • Coffee, i mean what the big deal with coffee, I only drink it cacause its sweet but other than that I dont like it. I have been drinking unsweetened bush/herbal tea and i liked it. So if I must have something warm it shall be herbal tea without sugar.
  • I will not subject myself to eating tasteless food, izolo i ate some nuts with cottage cheese and bulgarian youghurt, it was yak but I just ate it. Some excuse about keeping my metabolism going so my blood sugar dont drop so low. Please, at some point during the day I was eating an egg and I wasnt even hungry and our receptionist was like 'you are always eating' and i snapped talking about do i go around commenting when she eats 11 slices of white bread. You know I think by being vocal about wanting to loose weight I have opened myself up to every tom dick and harry to have a say. Why are you eating this, why salad in the morning, why sprite zero this. I mean really now, i should just keep quiet and do it already. Let the results speak for themselves.
  • I must accept that physical exercise is my everyday life, gym or running- it is my life. I cannot not exercise all else I lose everyhting i want. Talking about gym this gal at the gym was hogging one circuit nmachine, I mean the rules are spelt out, when the timer goes, you should be off to the next one. So she hogged it for 4 gos, I mean, so she could see I was irritated, I literally sat and waited(i did some streches) and finally she's done. I go on, barely giving her a chance to take her towel off. I think she said morning in that funny way. My point is why should I be nice when she's breaking the rules, she must think FAT bitch, how about doing something else while you wait for this machine surely that will help your cause too. But i dont care, i dont like being unkind but she shouldnt do that. At a gym you are forever aware of others and you know who is doing which cycle, why then should you pretend that you exist alone. Why should you be inconsiderate.
  • Swimming has to be my life, I will master it this year,s o that my exercise can be varied.
  • I am still to get a bicycle but i do want to ride by the end of the year.

Ok so i am positive, upbeat and determined. i am losing weight for good. By the way I weighed in at 114.4kg today.


Nkagiseng said...


I just laughed at the part where u snapped at the collegue who eats 11 slices! I know what you are talking about.I told my collegues early this year that I am trying to loose weight & now they feel the right to comment everytime I eat,they will comment about the portions & everything & its tiring! One of these days I will tell them a piece of my mind!

Early said...

I never tell anyone at work I'm on a diet or trying to lose weight, just my family. Hey, people can be a pain! Like when I tried the teeth thing I never admitted it was to restrict my eating.