Tuesday, 18 March 2008


I was thinking to improve my quality of life i really must insist on a certain hours of sleep. Yesterday I went to bed around 730pm, because my daughter was insisting. I probably fell asleep around 8 or 815. I woke up around 5 today and I was fine. i mean it was cold and I didnt wanna get up at first but the alarm had woken me up completely. That's another thing, i need to set my alarm, cause that's a sure way of waking up. Then i have gym for an hour and ample time to prepare for work and play with my daughter a little. I can come into work early, have a little breakfast, in peace. No explaining why i am eating vegetables in the morning or what happened to cereal. Then I can catch up on what i need to do for the day, read the paper. I am responsible for feeding the team with leads on which industries are about to boom.
To improve my quality of life I need to bring lunch to work so i dont roam about aimlessly when its lunchtime. To improve my quality of life I need to do work at work and avoid blogging or attending to personal emails at work. Cause I end up not knowing where the hours went.
To imporove my quality of life I must not add more than 30 minutes at the end of the day. infact from now on, if nothing calls for me staying over, I shall be out of the office latest by 17h15.
To improve my qaulity of life, when I get home, that is my time with my daughter. No novels must steal into our time. I can read when she's asleep.

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