Thursday, 13 March 2008

Swimming again

I am so happy i am swimming again. Went to my lesson and enjoyed it. This lady wants progress I tell you. She was starting to troubleshoot on my problem with breathing on my side when the lesson finished. But i like her.
Maybe I should say something to my boss about my 1hr30mins lunch on tuesday cause its gonna be regular. Maybe, yha I should definately.
This morning i joined in on the yoga class, after 10 mins I was ready to give in when the instructor noticed or maybe i should say acknowledged me, cause I mean a black female(the rest are white), a big one at that is kinda hard to miss. So she started asking me if I have any problematic areas and I had to confess the knee, cause I wasnt comfortable in some moves. She had great alternatives for me. She's great and talks the whole time. I loved the relaxation at the end. I will definately be doing more of it. So gym will be Eliptical???? machines, weights, rowing and yoga. ANNND ofcourse swimming. That is until I can brave it and join the spinning class.
Lovely lovely

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