Thursday, 21 May 2009

Just do

I have found or let me say I have accepted that I am very big talker. I plan and talk about my plans but I carry out very little.
For example, I told a colleague once that I will ask for donations for a 5km race I was gonna run, then donate that money to a charity.
I talk, I dream but delivery is slow in coming. So I have decided to just do, no big plans about what race, how many kilos, what school for my baby...none of that constant thinking and re-thinking, just decide what I want to do and take steps daily to do it. So I'll probably have a list and just talk less about it until I do something.
It will go something like:
Visit Mozambique
Visit New York
Pay off credit card
Full-time nanny
Post-graduate education


Early said...

I thought you were blogging again when I saw your comments on my blog. Trust me, talking can work sometimes, because eventually you feel guitly for talking and not showing any results and do something. But when you just be, it's like anything goes - that could be just me anyway.

Nomizana said...

Well I can be happy I visited Mozambique and have employed a full time nanny, even though she drinks alcohol like nobody's business. Thinking of dumping her but maybe with my daughter in creche half the day next year i should just keep her. Post grad education is still hanging over me, and just maybe if i work hard enough this year i can still go to New York. Will see