Wednesday, 21 October 2009

How to slow down your weight loss progress

1. Consume Alcohol
It has been researched and documented that alcohol slows one's weight loss. It lowers one's blood sugar levels and results in less energy. Take for example today, I did the same exercise which I was doing at a speed of 75 and above yesterday but today I did 69 at a bar lower intensity. I was just so tired. I pumped up the music but I just could not get my speed up. So advice is to drink 48 hours before physical activity.
Alcohol is the greatest biggest challenge to my weight loss. I am not the only one, there are friends and family that just cannot do without alcohol, is this early onset of alcoholism!!
2. Get little sleep
I know I need to get at least seven hours of sleep or I cannot concentrate on anything.
3.Weigh yourself constantly
When the numbers don't change you feel discouraged, then revert back to your old habits. At least that's how I have been, this time around I have decided I will weigh myself once a week on a Thursday. Ok Ok today I weighed myself just to make sure what the scale said yesterday is true.
4.Have ultimatums
The "this is the last time"approach is fatal, that's putting way too much pressure on anybody, the truth is one will fall, and not meet set goals sometimes and the best thing I can do for myself is to get up when I fall.

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Early said...

Yeah, summer's here. And it's making sure we know it's here. Welcome back. At least you know what to steer clear of! I don't know anymore...maybe your progress will inject some life into my efforts. Don't worry, no pressure.